Three Seven Two: 21 The Strand, Onetangi,

Auckland, ZIP CODE 1081

Waiheke Wine Centre Waiheke Island, Auckland New Zealand

Three Seven Two: A Culinary Haven on Waiheke Island’s Onetangi Beach


Situated across from the pristine Onetangi Beach, Three Seven Two captures the essence of beachside dining on Waiheke Island. This cheerful spot boasts a spacious dining room and a sprawling outdoor area, perfect for enjoying the stunning beach views. Led by acclaimed chef Bronwen Laight, the menu at Three Seven Two is driven by seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, offering a variety of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. Recognized with multiple awards, including Best Destination Restaurant, Three Seven Two promises a memorable dining experience.

1. The Beachside Ambiance

A Metaphor for Cheerful Dining

Three Seven Two derives its name from the first three numbers of the Waiheke phone number, and it’s something of a metaphor for this beach spot. Located right across the road from Onetangi Beach, the restaurant offers a sprawling space with a big dining room adorned with terracotta tiles and blond wood chairs. The outdoor area features long tables under white tablecloths, creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Culinary Delights

Driven by Seasonal Produce

Bronwen Laight, the excellent chef behind Three Seven Two, crafts a menu that celebrates fresh, seasonal ingredients. Here are some highlights:

  • Seafood: Indulge in dishes like the whole flounder with herb butter and shoestring fries—a true taste of the ocean.
  • Vegetarian Options: Vegetarians will appreciate options like the crispy fried eggplant with black garlic, Szechuan chili, spring onion, coriander, and sesame seeds.

3. Passage Rock Wines at Three Seven Two

Pairing Excellence with Every Bite

Three Seven Two proudly serves Passage Rock Wines, enhancing the dining experience. These wines, known for their varietal diversity and global recognition, complement the flavorful dishes on the menu.

4. Directions to Passage Rock Winery

Embark on Your Wine Adventure

  1. Depart from Three Seven Two at 21 The Strand, Onetangi.
  2. Head southeast on The Strand toward Waiheke Road.
  3. Turn right onto Waiheke Road.
  4. Continue for approximately 6.5 kilometers.
  5. Turn left onto Orapiu Road.
  6. Drive for about 2 kilometers, and you’ll arrive at Passage Rock Winery on your left.


Three Seven Two, with its beachside charm and delectable cuisine, invites you to savor the flavors of Waiheke Island. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience. Visit their website at Three Seven Two to explore the menu and plan your beachside culinary adventure.

Cheers to good food, great company, and the magic of Waiheke! 🌴🍷

Driving Directions to Passage Rock Winery:

  1. Depart from Three Seven Two at 21 The Strand, Onetangi.
  2. Head southeast on The Strand toward Waiheke Road.
  3. Turn left onto Waiheke Road.
  4. Continue for approximately 6.5 kilometers.
  5. Follow main road to bridge onto Orapiu Road.
  6. Drive for about 2 kilometers, past traffic lights and you’ll arrive at Passage Rock Winery on your right.

For more information about Passage Rock Winery, visit their website: Passage Rock Wines

Facts About Waiheke Island Wine.

  1. Island of Wine:

    • Waiheke Island is often referred to as New Zealand’s “Island of Wine.”
    • Despite its climate and soil not being ideal for typical New Zealand wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Waiheke excels in producing Bordeaux-style wines due to its maritime climate.
  2. Ancient Volcanic Origins:

    • Much of eastern Waiheke Island is the remains of a Miocene volcano from the Kiwitahi Group, which erupted approximately 15 million years ago.
    • The island’s rolling hills and fertile soil contribute to its successful vineyards.
  3. Historical Battles:

    • Waiheke Island was the site of many battles between Ngati Paoa and Ngapuhi from the Bay of Islands until the late 18th century.
    • During the Musket Wars, the island was briefly depopulated as Ngati Paoa and other Tamaki Maori sought refuge in areas such as the Waikato.
  4. Vineyards and Wineries:

    • Waiheke Island boasts over 20 boutique wineries and vineyards.
    • Many vineyards take advantage of Waiheke’s coastal location, offering sweeping views of the Hauraki Gulf while you sample their wines.
  5. Te Ara Hura Walking Track:

    • Te Ara Hura is a network of connecting tracks that creates an approximately 100-kilometer route around the island.
    • You can explore spectacular sections of the track in a morning or spend days circumnavigating the island.
  6. Waiheke Walking Festival:

    • The annual Waiheke Walking Festival offers a wide range of guided walks, including history walks, art walks, fitness walks, and even walks with wine!
    • It’s a fantastic way to explore the island’s natural beauty and learn about its rich history.
  7. Population and Lifestyle:

    • Waiheke Island has a resident population of 9,420 people, with many more visiting during peak holiday seasons.
    • The lifestyle on Waiheke revolves around water activities, including kite surfing, kayaking, and swimming, as well as enjoying the local cuisine and wines.

Remember to explore the island’s beaches, vineyards, and walking tracks for an unforgettable experience on Waiheke!


You can Purchase Passage Rock great wines Here at Three Seven Two. Like to visit our Winery direct? Then see the driving instructions from Google maps to Passage rock Winery and Restaurant below…

Passage Rock Wine

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